5 best alternative drinks of coffee to keep us active

We often take help of coffee to stay active and awake. In the office, in between work, when we feel tired or lethargic, we drink coffee which instantly boosts up our energy. However, it is not a healthy choice as an activeness booster. Irritability, insomnia, headache, frequent urination, restlessness, nervousness, stomach upset, and muscle tremors, etc. are some of the unpleasant side effects of excessive use of coffee. So instead of coffee, we can use some natural drinks which also can keep us active. Five of those drinks we are going to discuss below.


Yes, you read it right. Water is the best and harm-free drinks that keep you hydrated and you don’t have to feel tired or lethargic.  In the morning, instead of a cup of coffee, drink a glass of water which will be beneficial for your body. It can make you feel energetic and also get your metabolism so that you can work actively throughout the day. This zero calorie drink is so much better in comparison to coffee which can also keep us active.

Green tea

Green tea is another healthy drink which also can keep us active also. If you are too dependent on caffeine beverages like coffee or black tea, with the help of green tea you can reduce your caffeine dependency which contains less amount of caffeine. This super drink can help you by boosting up your wakefulness and activeness without adding any calories.

Apple juice

Apple juice also can be taken as an alternative to coffee. It contains natural sugars insufficient amounts along with vitamins which can keep us active and awake. To fight sleepiness or drowsiness, you can have the whole fruit or you can drink the apple juice also.


Matcha is a drink which is slightly less in caffeine in comparison to coffee. It is a healthy drink as it is rich in antioxidants which can keep us active by boosting up our energy. Matcha has L-Theanine which is a natural calming agent and it works with caffeine to provide us energy throughout the day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is a drink that is rich in probiotics and B vitamins which can enhance our active energy by staving off sleepiness. So, apple cider vinegar can be an effective alternative to caffeine that can keep us active. Sip apple cider vinegar next time when you need to be active and energetic. This healthy drink also can improve our immunity and digestive system. As it is extremely pungent to taste, while drinking it, dilute it with a glass of water.

These are the 5 drinks which you can have instead of coffee to stay active. Along with these drinks, there are other ways also to stay active. Smart drugs also can help you to stay active. Smart drug Modvigil is one of those smart drugs which can help you to stay active. To boost up our activeness, it regulates the movement of histamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine systems in the brain. This smart drug Modvigil has antioxidants and neuroprotective properties which along with keeping us active, boost up our brain power also. Click here to know more.